Description and analysis of how the medical students listen to the people with illness

Misaki Fujiwara
Volume 2 Issue 1 Pages 21-27
First Published: September 9, 2019



The patient-centered medicine is increasingly popular. In mental health, peer support service is expected to work efficiently as a recovery-oriented approach. In this article, the case is introduced and analyzed where the author, a medical student, met a peer supporter and got confused at the difficulty of the standpoint of her own. This aims to suggest a better way of listening to the dialogue of the patients. First, the way of communication between the medical students and the patients in the clinical clerkship is verified, and the situation where the diversity of the dialogs about the illness is increasing is discussed, referring to the social backgrounds. Then, the importance is pointed out with which medical students should appreciate the reason why they are permitted to get the access to the sensitive medical information of the patients. The study of the medical student-patient relationship would lead to the better understanding of the doctor-patient relationship in the future.