To fulfill the objectives, CBEL Report calls all authors to share their research results by submitting their manuscripts.

Types of manuscripts

All manuscripts must be supplied in the following style.

(a) Submitted manuscripts are categorized according to the word count as follows.

  1. Letters: Up to 500 words in English or up to 1,000 characters in Japanese
  2. Reviews: Up to 20,000 words in English or up to 10,000 characters in Japanese
  3. Articles: Up to 20,000 words in English or up to 10,000 characters in Japanese

*the word count without abstract, notes and reference lists

(b) “Articles” are categorized into the following two types.

  1. Regular articles: Newly published works. We do not accept articles that have been submitted simultaneously to other journals. However, this does not apply to works that have been previously presented at an academic conference and turned into papers.
  2. Translated articles: Articles translated into English or Japanese that have been published in other publications. (There are no restrictions for the original language.) Articles must accompany paperwork granting the copyright.


Submitted manuscripts must adhere to the following format.

(a) Must be in either English or Japanese.

(b) The word count must not exceed the limit stipulated in Section “Types of manuscripts” (a) according to the type of manuscript.

(c) The manuscript must be presented in an electronic file prepared using Microsoft Word.

(d) The title, manuscript type, name(s) of author(s), name of institution/department and contact information such as e-mail address must be entered in the first page.

(e) Articles must include the abstract (up to 200 words in English or 450 characters in Japanese) and keywords (3 to 5 words for either English or Japanese) in the beginning.

(f) Notes should be provided at the bottom of the page as footnotes (instead of placing them at the end of the article).

(g) Reference list should be included at the end of the article. There are no requirements on reference styles but all the following information must be included.

  1. Books: Name(s) of author(s), year of publication, title, name of publisher
  2. Journal articles: Name(s) of author(s), year published, article title, medium, page(s)
  3. Newspaper articles: Name of newspaper, year published, article title, date (morning or evening paper)
  4. Website articles: Website name, year published, site address, date visited

* If you have any other questions regarding the reference list, please contact the editorial board.

(h) Figures and tables should be inserted to the text. They don’t have to be counted in word count. Colored materials are available.

(i) Acknowledgement of financial support from organizations or individuals other than the affiliated institution, if any, should be included at the end of the article.

Peer review

On the condition that the above requirements are met, Manuscripts will be accepted for review by members of the editorial board or any other professionals assigned by the editorial board. The authors will be notified whether their manuscripts are accepted, accepted with conditions or not accepted for publication.

Submission method

Manuscripts must be submitted via email. Make sure the manuscripts are in compliance with the above requirements. Send the electronic data to the editorial committee as an attachment ( Submissions are accepted throughout the year.


There are no fees for the review or publication.


Individual authors own the copyright for the published papers, and the Department of Biomedical Ethics, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine owns the compilation copyright. Furthermore, the Department can request the designated operators of the electronic library or database to 1) post the articles, etc. published in this journal in the electronic library or database and 2) allow users to access the articles, etc. published in this journal, and in particular, to refer to and print the works.



Editorial Committee

Updated August 30, 2018. / Revised November 1, 2021.