Aim and Scope

CBEL Report is an academic journal launched for the further development of bioethics and medical ethics in Japan. The open-access journal offers a public outlet for presenting new research results, creating an international network for academic exchange within the field of bioethics and medical ethics. The mission of CBEL Report is to lead an active intellectual discussion for specialized research to provide useful knowledge to researchers and students in all disciplines, health professionals, members of ethics committees and policymakers etc.

Editorial Board

Founding Editor

Akira Akabayashi (The University of Tokyo)

Editors in Chief

Eisuke Nakazawa (The University of Tokyo)

Associate Editor

Makoto Udagawa (The University of Tokyo)

Consulting Editors

Norio Higuchi (The University of Tokyo)

Hisatake Kato (Kyoto University)

Thomas H. Murray (The Hastings Center)

Ryozo Nagai (Jichi Medical University)

Justin Oakley (Monash Bioethics Centre)

Julian Savulescu (University of Oxford)

Susumu Shimazono (The University of Tokyo)

Fumimaro Takaku  (past)(The University of Tokyo)

Board Members

Hitoshi Arima (Yokohama City University)

Toshihiko Dozono (Shizuoka University)

Michael Dunn (University of Oxford)

Ruiping Fan (City University of Hong Kong)

Yoshinori Hayashi (Ritsumeikan University)

Kazuto Inaba (Chukyo University)

Nancy S. Jecker (University of Washington)

Ilhak Lee (Yonsei University)

Shoichi Maeda (Keio University)

Yasuhiko Miura (The Jikei University)

Noriko Nagao (Kitasato University)

Masatoshi Nara (Keio University)

Mieko Ogino (International University of Health and Welfare)

Reina Ozeki-Hayashi (The University of Tokyo)

Robert Sparrow (Monash university)

Shizuko Takahashi (The University of Tokyo)

Kei Takeshita (Tokai University)

Yoshiyuki Takimoto (The University of Tokyo)

Shintaro Tamate (Gakushuin University)

Atsushi Tsuchiya (Kansai University)

Haruka Tsutsui (The University of Tokyo)

Jochen Vollmann (Ruhr-University Bochum)

Keiichiro Yamamoto (National Center for Global Health and Medicine)