Ruth R. Faden, Tom L. Beauchamp, Daniel Callahan, Tony Hope
Volume 1 Issue 1 Pages: 3-4
First Published: September 28, 2018


On the occasion of the announcement that Dr. Akira Akabayashi is releasing a new, bioethics journal in Japanese, we would like to take this opportunity to express both our great respect for his leadership in Japan and our confidence that this journal will contribute to the development of the field of bioethics in Japan and promote a solid foundation for future bioethics research in this wonderful country. We have enjoyed a most agreeable relationship with Dr. Akabayashi over many years during which we have watched the growth of bioethics in Japan with great admiration. We look forward to seeing how this journal will move the country to ever higher levels of achievement in this field.

Ruth R. Faden
Founder and Former Director,
Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics

Tom L. Beauchamp
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Senior
Research Scholar, Georgetown University


I am most pleased that the University of Tokyo Center For Biomedical Ethics, directed by Dr. Akira Akabayashi, is starting a new Japanese language bioethics journal. I am particularly pleased because the new journal was inspired by our journal, the Hastings Center Report. We came to know Dr. Akabayashi in 1993 when he came to the Center as a Visiting Scholar, and he was also appointed a Hastings Center Fellow, a prestigious honor. As a co-founder of the Hastings Center and the field of bioethics in 1969, I have been most pleased to see the development of the field in Japan.

Daniel Callahan
President Emeritus,
The Hastings Center


I congratulate CBEL on the launch of its online journal. It is more than ten years since I first participated in the GABEX project which was initiated and led by Dr. Akabayashi. Since that time I have watched and admired the way in which, under the leadership of Dr. Akabayashi, CBEL has developed to become a leading international centre in the field of medical ethics, and greatly respected and admired throughout the world. The new journal will foster and strengthen Japanese scholarship and ensure that it makes an ever greater impact, globally, in the field of medical ethics.

Tony Hope
Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics,
University of Oxford