CBEL Report (Online Journal)

CBEL Report is an academic journal launched for the further development of bioethics and medical ethics in Japan. The open-access journal offers a public outlet for presenting new research results, creating an international network for academic exchange within the field of bioethics and medical ethics.

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Front Cover & Index

On Launching the CBEL Report
Akira Akabayashi (Founding Editor)

Ruth R. Faden & Tom L. Beauchamp / Daniel Callahan / Tony Hope

Translated Articles (in Japanese) 

Informed Consent Revisited: Japan and the U.S.
(The American Journal of Bioethics, 2006)
Akira Akabayashi & Brian Taylor Slingsby,
translated by Shintaro Tamate with a commentary

Age-related Inequalities in Health and Healthcare: the Life Stages Approach
(Developing World Bioethics, 2017)
Nancy S. Jecker,
translated by Shuma Yoshida with a commentary

A Quiet Revolution in Organ Transplant Ethics
(Journal of Medical Ethics, 2017)
Arthur Caplan & Duncan Purves,
translated by Haruka Tsutsui with a commentary

Translated Article (in English)

A bioethical discussion of issues inherent to mitochondorial replacement and having “three genetic parents”
Tomohide Ibuki

Invited Article (in Japanese)

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Journal Information (in English)

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